About Us

Hazel Land Companies’ comprehensive land use planning, low environmental impact, quality construction and philanthropic community service are more than just our company’s hallmarks – they are the benchmarks that other developers in Northern Virginia and the National Capital suburbs attempt to emulate. In addition to developing properties of paramount design, we have donated hundreds of acres of land for parks, libraries, fire stations and community colleges.

Well-known Hazel developments in Northern Virginia include:

  • Lee’s Hill of Virginia, Spotsylvania – Commercial and Residential
  • Salem Fields, Spotsylvania – Commercial and Residential
  • Hopyard Farm, King George County – Commercial and Residential
  • Riverside Station, Prince William County – Residential
  • Burke Center, Fairfax – Commercial and Residential
  • Fairfax Station, Fairfax – Commercial and Residential
  • Tyson’s-McLean Office Park – Commercial
  • Franklin Farms, Fairfax – Residential
  • Fair Lakes, Fairfax – Commercial and Residential
  • Northridge, Culpepper – Residential